Running out of social steam?

For small to medium business owners, chasing algorithm often becomes too taxing on core business duties which takes priority.

Another valid reason to question the efficiency of daily posting may be your engagement has dropped off. Is this a sign from your audience that your content has become predictable and lacks the objectives to entertain, educate or inspire.

Perhaps your not running an offer, don't have new product to launch, or your creative juices have dried up and curated content dominates your feed making you appear un-original.

Absence from posting may just be the case, that for the third day in a row, you've decided, "Not today!"

So, even if you don't post every day, then at least do this one thing.

Engage with others! Your current followers. Seek out new players in your community. Welcome "New to Instagram" accounts and find some common ground. Go back through your posts and see who engaged with your content and return the favour.

Don't be shy. Social media makes the most introverted person more outgoing.

Mentions through Stories is an awesome way to showcase your community spirit which often leads to a reciprocated tagging expanding your reach. Winning!

Taking the initiative to make genuine connections with your social network lays the foundations for receptive audiences later on; say when you do have a new product to launch and you want high levels of engagement to propel your algorithms.

You will be surprised at the flurry of activity reciprocating and having genuine conversations can generate.

In fact, it is hugely satisfying compared to posting the perfect content, with a barrage of hashtags and then sitting back feeling hopeful of going viral.

Here's a question.

Do people, when choosing to follow a Facebook or Instagram account really take audit of the frequency of posting before deciding to follow or not?

Doubt it!

What they are more likely to seek out is the quality and entertaining factor of the comments section. Am I right?

Because the post imagery is just a hook within the hook. These days, people open up the comments just to discover if they relate with the content.

It is within these comments section that you can really shine. Promote yourself, not your business. If someone else likes your comments, or notices you value add to others posts, more than you drive content, you are likely to gain a new follower.

So, go and have some fun on your socials.

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